Nothing beats Combined experience

Who are the skippers

Peter Stuivenberg and Hennie ten Dam were previously editors for the Dutch sailing magazine Zeilen.
They wrote combined more than 100 articles.
Maaike Kallenborn broke world records in speed windsurfing on the 500 meter and the NM.
They sailed many, many oceans

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor peter stuivenberg Peter 
and his partner Maaike are both certified yachtmaster oceans. Peter (75.000 NM) sails oceans since 1987. First he almost circumnavigated the world on the 50 ft WIPI. Then he sailed several times the North- and South Atlantic oceans and the Caribbean seas in the 50 ft BOC Racer CrossRoads. Maaike (25.000 NM) sailed the North- and South Atlantic and the Caribbean. She is a very experienced sail-trimmer.
Peter and Maaike organized in addition to their ocean sailing adventures, land expeditions through the Amazon Jungle, Lake Titicaca, Sahara desert and Andes Mountains (horseback) and also they filmed man-eating tigers in India.The couple lived on the islands Bonaire and Horta (Acores), in Surinam, Brazil and South Africa. They now return to Bonaire. Peter wrote also 12 books including 3 sailing books.
Well-known is ‘N Wereld Onder Zeil’.

dutch Marines Hennie (50.000 NM) is an Former Marine. He sailed besides oceans multiple times single handed the North-Atlantic Ocean. He also conducted various sailing expeditions to Senegal and the Gambia River, Suriname River and Commewine River in Suriname, He is also an experienced diver and an international respected and well-known hot air balloon pilot with more than 2000 hours on the clock. In recent years he flew in Taiwan-ROC during the International Balloon event in Taitung. Hennie has local knowledge of land in Northern-Africa and the Middle East and the Jungle in south Amerika.He is a so-called survival expert.

No need to say
that Peter, Hennie and Maaike are very experienced and familiar with all aspects of ocean sailing and navigating including routing and weather systems in the North- and South-Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean as well in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

Their experiences are a guarantee for a safe stay on board as well on land

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